Sherry Zhang

PhD student

Monash University


I’m Sherry Zhang, a first year PhD student in Monash University supervised by Di Cook and Patricia Menéndez. Feel free to have a go at pronouncing my Chinese name: Hui-ze (Think of “ze” as the first sound when you say Zverev, Alexander - a raising tennis star).

These days, I’m working on the diagnostics of projection pursuit optimisation and teaching introduction to data analysis in R for both undergrads and postgrads. I like programming using R and the tidyverse suite has made data analytics so simple 😍. I created my first R package quickdraw at NUMBAT Hackathon 2020 with Stuart Lee.


  • computational statistics
  • statistical graphics
  • temporal data analysis
  • machine learning


  • PhD, 2023

    Monash Univeristy

  • BComm (Hons), 2019

    Monash University




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